Tarot Work

The Fallen King

“Ascension beyond our control. The crown placed upon us by chance. There is no merit, no earning, no plan. We find ourselves tasked with maintaining a kingdom we never asked for. One simply thrust upon us by duty, history, family or time. It should be easy when we fail, yet we cringe when things fall apart. When our crown topples and we lose face. When the very kingdom we never asked for slips or crashes away, we can’t stand it, and our spirit collapses. The Fallen King knows. His gobsmacked grimace slapped across his face, he’s trapped in the moment of loss forever. But all that loss and blunder and chagrin can be momentary. We do not have to live as the king does trapped in the moment of failure forever. We can move on. And thus The Fallen King is a reminder of grace. Of letting things go. A reminder that there are people–many of us–who understand and are with you.”

The Fallen King
Acrylic paint and oil pastel on canvas
24 x 24 inches